Too Sexual?

I have always felt that there is something wrong with me. I am a female and I think about sex almost constantly. I almost always want it. It is a rare thing for me NOT to want it. I basically feel like somehow I got a teenage boy's hormones in regards to sex. So is there such a thing as being too sexual? I can easily list the things I won't do compared to what I will.
Once, my boyfriend (at the time) was so tired of me constantly wanting sex, he took practically a whole day dedicated to pleasing me. Much to his surprise, it just made me want more. He had always told me he thought I was a closet lesbian, turned out he was half right. It took me a long time to really admit my attraction to women was more than just having girl on girl making out when I drank. I have had very real feelings for women and been heartbroken when it wasn't reciprocated.
So, at what point does sex become kinky? Is spanking too much? What about chocking? It was like once I decided I didn't care what society said, I was willing to try almost anything. I seem to be feeding and feeding my desires without feeling satisfied for long. But even I have my limits. Laws are respected at all times.
I feel guilty like I might just be too sexual. I don't want my fiance to feel inadequate, but I know he has physical limitations. He says he is ok with me having a girlfriend, and I believe him. I just think it is unfair to him and to the girl that I might date (if I am ever so lucky) to be emotionally and physically divided. I know it wouldn't be cheating because I would always be honest with them both and not be sneaking around.
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Same here

hi how are you

I'm with you on this one. I've always been into sex and been a very sexual person. When I was 18 and heard that women typically don't hit their sexual peak until their early 30s, I thought, no way could I ever be more sex-crazy than I am now. But wow. Now that I'm here I feel my peak coming like a Mack truck. My attraction to women and to men in stronger. I desire sex on a purely primal level as much as on an emotional one. I think we're in good company!

You should check out "How Sex Changed the World." It's a show that goes over sexuality and how it has progressed and been used throughout history. One of the things they mention is women and how society has always been conservative around their sexuality. That society "wasn't ready to admit" that woman are naturally as sexual as men. The difference is that woman have been "**** blocked" for several years.
Growing up, I always thought that the guys were over sexual and perverted. I've only recently come to understand that sex is purely natural and happens for both sides of the field. Ultimately, be as kinky as you would like to be. There's nothing wrong with it at all and you are not alone with your perspective. I imagine what you're going through being like someone who has been starved for something, but they don't know what for. And now you have run across an all you can eat buffet, there are so many options and things out there. Best thing to do is go dive into it and just check **** out.

Your quandary is typical of women who've been awakened to their sexual powers. Our culture has so proscribed and restricted sexuality that women are just now beginning to understand and enjoy their sexuality more fully. If your husband is accepting of your relationships with other women then he may also come to accept your need for other men as well. I suspect he would enjoy being free to pleasure with other women, so the experience of each of you should be fair. Good luck with being a natural woman

The closest woman I have even known that seemed to have a teenage-boy's hormones was my first wife. She could have kept at least three men busy in bed, and I certainly couldn't keep up. She even went so far as to ask her doctor what was wrong with me, because I COULDN'T keep up with her sex-drive. He doctor had to gently explain a few things about male anatomy and performance. We had great sex, but she certainly would have liked to have MORE sex.

Well, this seems the story of my life.

Surprisingly I understand u very well. I have talked to my wife and we have had a very open conversation time and again. But neither do we have more sex not does she want me to indulge outside. Its kind of a ""fix"" situation and it frustrates me.

you may love your fiance but you're not in love.. be honest with yourself

I would love the fact that you want sex so much and would be wanting all I could get from you

I would like to be in his place to enjoy you and your girl friend would blow my mind

Don't worry. I'm exactly the same. I can't go 10 minutes without a sexual thought or idea going through my head. hahahaha

ASGKPFG is not even 18, for chrissake.

eh. you know those raging teen hormones....

Not sure why...but this story amused me. :)

Hmm...losing my faux pas? lol

Don't feel bad. A healthy sex drive is a good thing to have. ********** when you need to. It may not be as good as sex but it's something.

I respect your standards and respect your libido. This story however, does bring out a point. Men here can have a lot of sexual matter in their EP CV, engage in virtual sex of whatever kind, and afterwards discuss the election, spirituality and umpty ump other topics with their partner for 3 hours after the main event.

For one at least obliquely seeking validation of their behavior ( which in your case is obviously justified) perhaps you might think of women with all the anti-perv rules in their profile and what that does to men.

Don't get me wrong. If a man drags his knuckles with one hand and rubs one out with the other, he is not worthy of consideration by you and many other women, but not because of hypersexuality, , but rather due to their general lack of merit.

What I "believe" is appropriate and have advocated here in stories, is that if a man sees an obviously intelligent and sexual woman with other interests in their profile, the man should ask himself, and the woman expect of him, that he is on their level both in terms of articulation and for want of a better word, "imagination" as well as a curiosity about non-sexual manners in general, and not put out a No Horny Men Allowed Sign (unless dictated by their sexual preference or lack of any interest in virtual sex) while they post abput how they need to ***, how often or intensely they ***, etc.

I apologize for going off topic but sometimes a person needs to vent.

And you and others obviously have the right to establish any conditions you choose.

Just sayin'

I completely agree with you because, aside from the fact that you don't need agreement, yours reasons are valid: a) fidelity which I profoundly respect and b) genuine lack of interest. So you are an exception.

However, I have become involved in totally non-sexual chat with women who clearly indicate their sexuality, and then eventually (minutes, days, etc) my chat partner compliments me on discussion and states that it is arousing her (as non-sexual talk can with the proper chemistry)

So what starts as a respectful PG rated chat evolves into a full on virtual ********. I just wish there were "a set of rules" that both and restrict.

You are obviously an exception and therefore cease to be subject of this conversation. But is has been good to have it. Thanks for the opportunity.

I'll take that as a compliment

im the same way I ALWAYS want sex some times my boyfriend gets tird of sex and i have to begg and begg him for sex i think he likes that

some times he gets me when i work a 12 hour day and im tird lol we r both sex addicts

does your man love sex too ?

omg a whole week with out sex! thats crazy i dont like going more then 2 or 3 days with out sex and when we get into it i like to go for hours :)

that would be cool i hate when my bf isnt in the mood too its so anoying!

ohh my gosh once or twice a month if i didnt havt ot go to school or work id have sex like 5 times a day lol you must feel lonly

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There is no such thing as being to sexual enjoy it and embrace your sexuality.