No More Rules

Why are there so many rules when it comes to sex?? No sex in public.  No sex on first date.  No sex with certain people.  

It is crazy.  We have a right to speak our minds.  Why can't we have the right for freedom of sex??  

Please don't get me wrong........I would never have sex in front of children or something like that but as an adult I think I know what is acceptable and what is not.  So please let me choose what I can and can't do.  
missamberlawrence missamberlawrence
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4 Responses Sep 17, 2012

I really believe society made humans loose their most animal natural instinct. Stupid rules and taboos... Dogs see a dog girl they like( its actually called *****... Ahah) and they **** her on the spot... Why cant we be like that ? Mmmm girls are so atttractive why do we have to do all the courting etc be careful about saying this that? I m 40 and i had a few girlfriends a bitchy wife and slept with 17 girls so far .... I just love sex and im very naughty and horny...

Have you ever thought that maybe these "rules" abour sex were created because when people did them they kept having unintended consequences or got their heart broken all too often?

rules are meant to be broken.

I find it funny that we have no problem with our kids watching people fighting on TV (boxing, wrestling etc.) and have no problem with them watching people killing each other (violent movies, war documentaries etc.) but we have this huge issue with them seeing something that every mammal on the planet does. Sex is a completely natural part of life, and only by hiding it away and associating it with shame do we cultivate real perversion.