It's A Buffet!

You don't have to choose steak or chicken. You can have them both AND a little seafood on the side sometimes too! Eat up! :-)
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2 Responses Oct 12, 2012

how bout i rate this **** up rite now ya lol

hah funny i totally agree the funny thing is i was just gonna post somethin about how if this anti sexuality haters part of this site gets any worse im gonna gather up a whole bunch of friends new friends and just run a giant group that sais **** u sex is a part of life if u dont like it then get off my page ur goin to the top of that list or friends for now until i figure out how to brainstorm my ideah but i agree 100% kids younger than 18 should not be on a ADULT DATING website let alone online without a parent in the effin first place