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One Day, That Day, Today

First of all i'd like to start off by saying i'm new to this experience and the first impression of it all is a tad bit weak. Still, decided to give it a go.

Women nowadays, or by popular name "funbags", are called that for a reason - if you are a man, who has sufficient knowledge of psychology, has a grade B figure, and well, quite frankly he can't have a spiderweb in his wallet either. A man like that, can get any girl to go to bed with him in about 3 days, tops. It takes 3 days, when the woman is seriously a high-end woman, with a religious twist to it. Its just a matter of strategy, love is a battlefield... true, but who said anything about love? F love, who needs it anyway, unless you have no chance of ever getting a girl anyway, then you just focus on the love part and try to seem like a reasonable passionate person, but i can tell this to you right now, that any relationship a person like that enters, will not last more than 3 years, trust me, i have been there, often.

So unless you are ready to marry "That special woman" go and f around as much as you can, read some freaking books about human psychology, interaction with women and a ******* dating for dummies. I will get you further then the new edition of a marvel comic, for sure.
grisman123 grisman123 18-21, M Oct 26, 2012

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