That's For Sure!

My wife and I are very devoted to each other and also have a very open marriage. We don't play around with other people very often these days, but it remains an option for both of us.  We rarely play solo, preferring to share such experiences.  In that area of our lives, we have seen quite a variety of sexuality exhibited.

An interesting dichotomy is the view of same-gender sex acts by women versus men.  It is completely normal for two married women to play with each other at a party and not be considered lesbian - they're just having fun!  At the same time, two men touching each other intimately might result in expulsion from the group and they would be tagged as gay.  Where is the fairness in that?

We have profiles on three different adult contact sites to try to meet others who share our views on sexuality.  The most common contact is from men who are looking for some extra fun with another woman.  We are totally open to MFM ********** and have enjoyed them with many different men.  Our filtering process is sometimes a bit much for most men.  We(I) make it clear that both men will be taking care of her at the same time; it will not be one playing with her while the other watches.  There are many positions that require the men to be very close to each other.  It has ceased to amaze us at how many men just can't deal with that thought, but would jump at the chance to watch two women go at each other!

Like I've said in other stories I've written:  Men and women alike need to drop the fear of society's tags and learn to be simply sexual.
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Dec 5, 2012