Let Us Be!

I believe throughout history there has been far too much emphasis put on sex. It is an essential part of our being, as humans, and the feelings given us, acquired by us in sexual experience help us to understand ourselves a little more each time.

I might even venture the feelings we had and the fact that children were created might have been one of the very first impetuses for us to discover science, the science of human being, so much of the world as we have it today has come about, been created, as a bi-product of our sexual experience.

I could even say, through the sexual act the world began!

This is a thought paraphrased from the teachings of the Kabbalah!

However, rules deciding upon the consequences of sexual experience are what decides our fate, whether we can be transcended and actual discover GOD or whether we run around in circles after ourselves.

It is too profound to dominate with rules which don't really figure in how we experience these things. The rules today are pretty much a modern mismatch which does not really do anything to affect the ugly side of sexuality and sexual experience that is rape and child abuse.
Anuledroan Anuledroan
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013