Why America? Why!!

I really think it's an American thing about creating many rules around sexuality. In America sex is viewed as evil. I have no idea why- maybe it's the Christian thing of "only having sex for creating babies" But why not enjoy sex? It's in expression of love and something humans do. Americans lie to everyone and to themselves when they frown their faces and people who will admit they like sex. Why is it such a bad thing to like sex? It feels good, big deal if we like it. Who are they to judge? 

And how we have sex and who we are attracted to is none of these conservative Americans business. They should look at their own problems instead of judging others for liking sex. Who are they kidding? really?

That was a bit of a rant.

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We needed to hear this

Two rules, legal and consenting, I don't need any magic books and the bigotry and insanity they spawn to rule any aspect of my life.

I LOVE the History channel. I don't watch it as much as I used to because it seems like it mostly just talks about WWII now, not that I find that disinteresting, I just need a bit more variety.<br />
If you get the chance to see "History of Sex" I highly recommend it, not only educational but HIGHLY amusing.

I have been wanting to watch that program but my TV and I are having a bit of a disagreement where it will shut off at random times. It's odd. <br />
Gosh- it's so weird that someone out there besides me watches the history channel. You just made me feel not like such a dork.

Ahh, I'd never heard that before but I have heard that the church can come up with some seriously weired ideas. I just call myself someone who believes in God, i don't know what else to call myself.<br />
Btw, i don't know that your facts are wrong, I think a lot of people feel the same way, I think it's more a matter of perception, than actual right or wrong. Have you ever seen "The History of Sex" on the history channel? It explains where a lot of modern opinions come from, pretty cool. :)

I am sorry for my facts being wrong. I don't call myself a christian either. I am not really sure what i am. A spirtual catholic? I went to a catholic school for most of my life and we were taught in our theology class that sex, even inside a marriage, is only for conception. When i heard this i thought "Wow thats crap" But that is propoganda spread by the church i suppose.

I'm not worried, I don't really call myself a christian. :)

It hasn't. America isn't really that much more prudish than other countries. Nudity and sexuality aren't the same thing.

Haha- don't worry I am christian too.

Also, I wouldn't be so quick to blame christians. Most don't think it's exclusive for making babies, most think it is a wonderful beautiful way to express love and should be shared often...with one's spouse. Christians are more focused on the idea of keeping it in marriage then they are with how much one likes it.

Well- I agree with you but I want to put an example out in the open here. There is a commercial for AT&T where the family is in France and they go to a beach and I thought it's common knowlege that most because are nude beachs in other countries but this family must have not known this. It disappoints me when the mother covers the boys eyes because he is a boy of age were he will be curious and let me say this- the people on the nude beachs aren't all playboy models. So while he probably is looking at naked ladies at night when his parents aren't around or looking at them at a nude beach. What is the difference?<br />
<br />
Also a bit of a rant.. but I would just like to know why the frown on sexuality has worn off in most other countries but not this one.

Actually it has nothing to do with America directly, it's carry over from the victorian era. Before the Victorian era, sex was talked about openly and not considered taboo. Then the victorians came along and made a big ruckus and some of what they ingrained never went away. Although A LOT of it has.