For Instance

Allowing another person to watch your sexual act with your GF/BF, most people will never understand this but its a rush that cannot be explained unless you know what I'm talking about. Or watching another CPL or being in the same room.....its something that you might never understand.


* and now the critics, with out allowing themselves to understand that every mind is different *

OpenMind11 OpenMind11
6 Responses Dec 4, 2008

What ever makes you happy and satisfied. I am open to most things and senarious!

I would never, I could never, the thought makes me blush, but hey whatever floats your boat.

Sorry dude, I was being facetious! You keep wording any way you like! You’re fine – I was just playing off of your fears of being rejected!

Oh no, not at all... I wish not to offend anybody, as i respect my every person, next time i will be more careful on how i word things (good looking out :-) <br />
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have a good day :-)

I haven't but would love to : ) I think it is really sexy

What horrible thoughts! Someone needs to ping his server quickly and crash his cpu!<br />
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*I hope I have satisfied the critic portion of this experience * now, I must ruin my brilliantly offending offense by saying ... "Exactly and to the perfect point! I shouldn't need to understand why openmided11 likes to do "weird" things to appreciate that "he/she" is happy and leave his judgment to the professionally (paid) thought police!" <br />
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(and by the way openminded1 - um, next time don't use such an abhorrent anecdote to make your point - If you can make me shudder to think about such things - then surely you must intend to offend folks by the hundreds!)