It's so damn ridiculous the labels and rules that go along with sexuality. Let's be realistic here for a moment. I guarantee you at one point in your life or another, you had an inappropriate thought about someone. Maybe it was perverse because the person was too young or overboard naughty because the person is old enough to be your father/mother - hell maybe old enough to be a grandparent. The fact of the matter is that thinking it isn't a crime, committing the act is. So why all the fuss? What turns me on you may not understand, you may not get excited by the same things but does that make me a cyberperv if it happens to be cybersex? Or a ********* if I notice some young thing in daisy dukes? Bisexual, trisexual, transgender, transvestite: as the saying goes - DO YOU. Forget about the rest of the world short of friends and family. Take care of you, thus endeth the lesson.

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This is really good.

I have to say that I wish there weren't - do you know that I was 23 before I lost my virginity - I didn't take it lightly - I was with someone that I cared about and cared about me AND it was f***-ing great - no really - it was awesome (just wanted to add some drama). Anyway, my mom figured it out somehow - moms and their almost omniscient powers - anyway, she was furious - she was not out and out rude to my guy but from then on, he got a clear picture that she did not approve of him and what he had done to her daughter - OMG - he defiled me (thank goodness!). That is the rule I grew up with - no sex 'til marriage - and it reeked havoc on my conscience and eventually that relationship. In hindsight, really, what was the big deal - I was 23, college graduate, it wasn't a one-night stand, I used protection - I think that we both had the proper attitude and I was ready - I hope that I can deal with my daughters a little differently - I do want them to wait until they are older (just because the consequences while still in high school are devastating). We have already started talking about the fact that if you are a young teen and get pregnant, there is NO easy decision or choice - all of the choices will end with a tough decision and either heartbreak or hard work and then end of their youth....<br />
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So, I want them to wait, but I want them to feel like they can talk to me and not feel that I am going to be harsh or judge them but guide them and offer loving advice. Anyway - I agree that perceptions and judgments about sexuality need to be re-thought.<br />
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I hope that makes sense - I have gotten a few interruptions while writing this!

Here, here! Its delightful to read that someone else seems to have their head on straight, when it comes to sex!