As long as its with consent from all parties and no ones life is in danger, I think everyone should enjoy sex. I love sex but people are so judgemental. You can't discuss your preferences without people using 'kinky' as a joke or in a derogatory way.
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I totally agree, its almost silly to talk about some of the limitations and inhibitions people want to put on sex. Some people need to grow up.

to me kinky means exciting & out of the ordinary, maybe playfull but not taboo. i agree everybody should feel free to do whatever with consenting adults but u gotta remember, for some people sex is pretty personal & they don't feel comfortable discussing certain things. just there preference.

Apart from adding that everyone is an adult to your first sentence, I agree completely. Different people derive pleasure from different things. While there are many I would not find pleasurable, I'm not convinced that any are inherently good or bad.

Definitely adult yes. That sort of goes without saying. Actually now you mention it. I should have added that.

I keep the things that turn me on to myself as well. That is one reason I never judge anyone.