I Hate This Bullcrap

I don't like that you're under pressure to decide. You have to labelled as something of course (note the sarcasm), therefore you're in a rush to work it out. Well screw 'em. I don't know what I am and I don't care. I'm not going to call myself 'straight' just because I haven't been with any girls, though I'm not going to call myself 'gay' (or bi-curious) just because I've thought about it. Seriously, I wish we could just see the person more than anything else. And by that I mean, not pay so much attention to the fact that they're a guy or girl.

I'm angered to think of how I was raised to think it was assumed I would find a guy and eventually get married. If I have kids, I'm going to let them know early on that whoever they want to fall in love with is just fine.

FateCantDecide FateCantDecide
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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

i completely agree with you. Some people are unshallow, and fall in love with other people, not just the gender opposite of what they are.<br />
and yeah-i think how you are raised to think about love really influences the way you will ultimately think about same sex relationships