We; Us, Them, Those, and the Unknown Person In Power;

It's free, easy and among consenting adults, with comprehension of the dangers of STD and unwanted kids, FUN!  So what's wrong with it - Sex is a function like any other shared experience and therefore should be encouraged and enjoyed when convienent and practical among those that decide to partake in it!

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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009


There is a sexual matrix!<br />
<br />
A system of control that was put into place to tell us how we should think & feel about sex.<br />
<br />
Once we liberate ourselves from such a restricted belief system, the powers that be try even harder to enslave our minds once again.<br />
<br />
Fight the power my brothers & sisters! <br />
<br />
Don't let an established order tell you what to do with your life...especially on how you should have sex & who you should have sex with~

Not sure if Robyn agrees or disagrees with you :)<br />
But I agree there's nothing shameful in enjoying sex. It's natural, fun and best when it's one on one. I've heard that somewhere before.