Watch Them Fly!

My magical moment for today was walking out my back door and witnessing a breath-taking sight. I have a herb garden just steps away from my door, the herbs are all in full bloom, the smells are too fine but the sight i saw .... made my whole day! *smile*

There on my purple basil, anise and mints were ALL these yellow butterflies, a couple of white ones that stood out too. I mean there were at least 100 of them ... no kidding. I walked up to the garden and they all flickered, and i went ahhhhhh!  I smiled from the inside out!

I wish you all a magical day!
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12 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Yellow ones where probably sulfur, and the white ones called cabbage. Just like bees they often carry pollen from plant to plant.
Enjoyed your post. Thank You!

well as you know, i love nature. remember me sitting talking to you while i was watching all the bees of all types buzzing around a couple of feet from me. i am in awe of these little critters. ;-) Thank you Climber x

You like all kinds of critters. I think that is what attracted you to me.
I am a very fortunate critter.

awww, thanks. yes, you are right, nature is our teacher :-)

BrutMystik, hmmm, *smile* yup! you know, if i wasn't so bless with the ones/things of nature.... i'd be in a world of hurt. they ARE my teachers, friends. thanks for your kind words.... i've seen your comments on other posts, you are a good soul to all! <br />
<br />
Madhatter, yeah buddy! too cool.

So true that we can access a deep, nuturing spirituality from nature, without the aid (or impediment) of a building, a book, a teacher-it is all around us and is unconditional. Thanks for the post :-)

SharedKnowledge, *smile* i sometimes forget that wonderful meaning.... at the moment, it warms my heart to reconnect.

The vision with those great feelings will live on within you forever. Its the magic of Nature!<br />
With what you have seen, I am sure you have heard its wonderful meaning.<br />
Thank you for sharing your magical moment.

CaptainElite, I just did... relive the moment as i read your comment. Thank You! Great to be reminded of such magic.

Don't you wish we could capture and replay moments like that? How amazing!

StarliteRose, just got done mowing the yard. i swear i never seen so many butterflies. i would go by with the mower and they would dance around and land again, wasn't too scared of me. cool! <br />
it is a beautiful sight to behold. *smile*

Wow, just imagining that makes me smile =)

Thank you, Abooklover. just got up from a magical nap

*smile* yup, most of them are still there. My garden lives and breathes.