You Are My Love.

I will try again with words that are inadequate to tell you what you mean to me.
You are the bracing slap of cold mountain water on my face in the first morning moments while camping outside under the sun's kisses and under the moon's fingertips.
You are the tumbling splash of bright paint. The kind I always wanted. Always needed. Always thought about. And now you flood me with colour.
You are the sturdy new hiking boots. Soft and cozy inside. Shiny, new outside. Treated for all elements. And so desirable to put on. And to feel...
You are a lovely picture window. I polish off the smudges and look into you. Clearly. And I admire the way I can see in you and through you and into you. I see all.
You are the winding road that no one has journeyed on to this point. No one but me. I want to follow you. Explore where you go. All of it. Everywhere. You have parts that are clearly bumpy, but I am prepared to do this.
You are the serenade under my window. You are magnificent in your melody. Your refrain is enchanting. Your lyrics are....I lack the words. Exquisite. Magic. There are no words that exist...
You are a big cat. Muscles rippling, shining in the sun, dancing under the moonbeams. Large shiny teeth capable of destruction...But able to gently carry a baby cat in your jaws gently, lovingly. Your passion knows no bounds.
You are a mountain. Magnificent. Awesome. Capable of making me cry with your splendour. And your green forests spill for miles and miles and miles. And I want to walk there. For a long, long time.
I can talk about you Forever. And it would never be enough to show how much you add to my life. And I am blessed by your love. Thank you for loving me. I love you. Those words are just not enough. But I know you understand. I love you too.

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I wish I could use words as you can, I often stumble, words in my heart, but I cannot express the feeling, it's beyond my words, to just say "I love you" seems so inadequit

This is magnificent. Breathtaking.
Every an each man on earth would give all to be in the focus of such passion. (me included...shhh)
It also reveals, beyond what happened then, is the strngth of the love you can give.
Nietzsche is not between my favourite philosphers. But is true on this:
“Let man fear woman when she loves: then she makes any sacrifice, and everything else seems without value to her”

An Excellent quote.. Love kissssss

wow..bravo you..kisssssssss...

:-) kissssssssss

Now these are some real words.

It's near Karratha. I'm in the water. It's a tidal pool near the gas rig there.

Western Australia.

For a woman? Yes. For a guy? Not so much.

It's a mining camp. Lots of men, few women. Not much to do but eat and drink.

Oh my mixing stories and white board now? How will I keep up?

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Beautiful. I can't wait til I connect with my True Love. I'm going to give him some lyrical flow for sure. Youre blessed.

who are you talking about?

Are you on my facebook?

Absolutely beautiful xx

how awesome and beautifully said cynthia . . . and may it be returned to you three fold my friend with the boundless heart . . . a wonderful read . . . thank you for sharing . . . 8D