because magic is all around us.

is within us too..

i think the moment u just feel that light is in ur heart u feel the magic.

the moment u are in silence and u see outside ur window feeling the wind,seeing butterflies is magic....butterflies n fairies..and angels..

the kites sometimes on the sky that remind us of our dreams...

a message in the morning from ppl we love..

we dont have to look for magic coz magic is always there..

though we need to hold some keys from our heart,use them and really ''see''.

I think magic in life is necessary ..

Imagination is real coz of magic..

the moment i see a rainbow or a butterfly i smile...then someone might see me and smile too..magic yeah?

colors ,art ,music ,friends ,love... so much magic around us..

our eyes can see some things but with magic we can see even more....just need to hold the keys i told u and believe..and if u have those keys saved in ur heart noone Noone can steal the magic.

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you have summed up the power of personal magic :) very awesome

heh that made me smile:)

ahhh a faerie in disguise .


Whether we call it looking for magic, or using the keys, or simply taking the time to be aware, I think we are saying similar things. You make a great point that its not like hunting for something that is lost; instead it is simply choosing to see what is magical around us.



we have the keys ,we just have to use them..


magical amy!!


So nicely put, the magic is there for all of us to see and feel, all we have to do is open our eyes!


Nice story. <br />

i guess yeah wolf*<br />
thanks for reading,hugs*


True :)