How I spent my Friday night....thus far.

The intent was to sweat, to sweat like a ditch digger and bust a path until I wore myself out. There was a lot inside of me racing and twirling about that needed direction and a good stomp in the fields and woods.

On this late afternoon late summer day my world is thick with green. Green stretched to the peak of last lush growth. Tis the final burst before the ripe. The air is thick with this greenness and heady with humidity. The sun boondoggles down upon the vast green creating a moist haze upon the fields. Every part of my being could feel this season's last explosion of growth. My soul felt the earth and sky languishing love upon all the growing things, The land smelled of growth and push and soil and green....intoxicating and wet was the aroma of the greenness. I allowed that sweet green to engulf me, mingle with my own steam and I too felt drunk and sticky with ripeness.

The sweat gleamed upon me and like an exotic oil, trickled down my shoulder blades, between my breasts and along my thighs making me wiggle as though a bug had crawled upon me. My hair was drenched to ringlets and my gray cotton shorts and cami could have been wrung out to leave a puddle...yet that usual uncomfortable wetness and thickness felt so rich and full and lush that I could feel a wee sense of claustrophobic combustion spring forth within my wobbliness. It all felt so perfectly in union with the IS that I mixed with it the growth of my own green season tears.

Worn and wet, upon my return I headed straight for the shower. Turned on favorite Bach piece, grabbed a fresh bar of homemade sandalwood soap, cranked the shower to cool rain pulse and stepped into utter luxury. Cool to cold to steamy and back again, I lathered and washed the green honey sweat from me. I could feel the joy within the star drops as they fell from the shower-head splashing me to bliss. I slowly twirled to body catch every single drop of invigorating cool wet and I marveled and pondered at the grand goodness of water's effect upon all things living.

The thick, thirsty towels fresh from the clothesline to wrap my body and hair felt like a big hug of sunshine. The soft sheer cotton gown, the miracle of air conditioning and the pre-walk prepared shrimp cocktail with crushed ice, fancy glass and darling lemon wedge that I paired with a lovely glass of iced vintage well water has made me feel like I am the most pampered hen in the coop.

Hmmmm.....What color should I paint my nails and what movie should I watch? Oh and without question, there will be chocolate later. Really good chocolate.

This does not suck. Not one little bit does this suck. :)

Peace to all.
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Your writing is delicious :)

Thank you Tas, thank you. I have missed you. I'm glad you saw this....while out there sweating my brains out....your 'Joy Wall' came to me and I found I moved softer through the woods when I let a wee sprinkle of joy walk with me. I LOVE when stuff like that happens? Peace upon your path Tassie. ((((((((you))))))))

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The humid hangs heavy and hangs on. As I crested the hill this morning, there sat an unmistakable grey blanket at the bottom of Big Valley. I'm certain a river still flows beneath it and a city lies along it, but I never tire of punching the Mustang and pushing onward into the mysterious mist.

This morning a thick blanket of fog covers my world as well...I was going to head north but not in this soup. Mornin got a cool is that? What color, what year?

Black, baby - black. '98 ragtop. Built for a day like today will be. I'm invading Sconny to watch my youngest ace the unsuspecting netters of Onalaska & La Crosse. Imagine I'll be driving through the blanket all the way there ... and that's okay.I get my fair share of sunshine. The boy is brown this summah.

A black rag top stang....nice. That is going be a sweet ride...all the dips and valleys and thick wetness...with sun the trying to break....beautiful! Be safe! Storms today...headed your way. Good luck to the baby ace...hope she throws some good ball. (((((((you)))))))

Lolol ... 'netters play tennis. You're adorable. :))

Oh,, then your other daughter must be the softball player...I swear once upon a time your girls played use to coach? I'm so confused? *giggles*

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Wow, your writing always thrills me, Wondergirl. I'm still in a swirl twirl. Do you make your own soap? Seriously cool. *bows* can you spare any chocolate? I'll trade you 2 cashew shortbread cookies.
(You are a marvel of a writer!)

I'll give you all my chocolate for all your cashew shortbread cookies....those are serious yummage! Make my own who has that kind of time...this I get at the Farmer's's like heavy cream and the Um, a marvel of a there a bottle of wine opened over there? *har har* Thanks, Colorkit but come on, it's me ;)

Hahaha. I had wine with my neighbors, so yes... But it's worn off now. Well you... I love to read what you write. truth.

You are a good friend indeed. Won't you be my neighbor?

Exquisitely wonderful! I would also love to feel drenching wet from running and then the cool shower after. I would also suggest pink for your nail polish since it's a very feminine and girly color or red for some ***** and sexiness..

If I want to have just some good old laugh, I'd watch some cool animated movies. It's fun to feel like a kid sometimes...

It's been a simply lovely evening....nibbling now on chocolate. Thanks for stopping by Purplefree:)
Oh, and pink is the color:) and the movie has turned out to be The Nun's Story....go figure *giggles*

That's really nice... I love pink and I love reading your stories. I googled the movie sounds intriguing...hmmm...

Thank you purplefree....yeah that movie....I watched as a young girl when I had the hope to be a a nun... *roars* :)