Job Opening

I keep waiting for the job of Village Idiot to open up.  I figure it is the perfect job.  Nobody will expect anything of you.  You can drool all you want in public and nobody will ever be able to figure out if you aren't doing your job right.

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6 Responses Feb 16, 2009

That sounds good to me. I could fall off a wall for people's entertainment all the time! They had this Village Idiot sketch on Monty Python where they kept doing that.

Didn't get that from the media. You got the job, babe.

Not that I want to really go into all of this again BUT Bush didn't earn anything. He was placed into office by 2 fraudulent elections. He is the most idiotic frat boy ever to hold office and he broke the WORLD. He nearly brought the end of days, tried his damnedest to "fell the last tree to see the return of Christ" for the final showdown of Evil vs Jesus. <br />
<br />
I don't think W has an IQ high enough to graduate him out of high school, (IDIOT) but his daddy pulled strings every step of the way AND even HW was sorry he did it because of how horribly W ruined...everything.<br />
<br />
W started with a surplus, spent it in the 1st 6 months and ****** up everything after that. Swift decline of not only our nation but the world.

Nothing wrong with Alec.<br />
<br />
Village Idiot for 8 years, undefeated champion: George W Bush.

Naw, you had Alec confused with his brother Stephen.

that job was taken.... by george bush