First, I am the heir of two royal bloodlines: The Royal Houses of Plantagenet (United Kingdom) and Romanov (all the Russias). Secondly, the LORD came to me as a boy of 16 in 1974 and thundered my coronation over the Stone of Destiny (the Patriarch Jacob's pillar stone he set up at Bethel after his witnessing angels ascending and descending a staircase to heaven with the LORD standing at the top (“Jacob's Ladder”). The stone was later used by the Prophets to anoint (coronate) holy kings of Judah and Israel. Finally, it was/is used in England for that same purpose which is major legal ground for ascending the Throne.

Seven years later after my Stone of Destiny Coronation, I was taken up into paradise through an ancient scroll that unrolled itself on my ceiling. There, the Sovereign LORD Jesus Christ approached me and presented me the Light of Father God Almighty (The Morning Star). And I said: “Good morning precious-wonderful Lord Jesus!” Powerful scriptural references to this are found in Revelation 2:26-28 and 2 Corinthians 12:2-5 as well as elsewhere.

Seven years after the LORD awarded me the Morning Star, I was transfigured before witnesses while receiving a vision concerning God's command for the End of All War, the Conversion of Technology beginning with Free/Clean Energy and the end of oil/gas, coal and nuclear monopolies. The power is to be individually owned by all. And he also commanded the end of clear cut and burn deforestation and finally the speedy phasing out of money altogether in favor of a technological independence on the individual and global level with environmental responsibility. The way to achieve all of this is to convert military personnel into an inter-military global forest recovery and enhancement force and the money that would have gone into the trillion(s) dollar weapons, platforms and research into sophisticated covert means of death diverted to the Subsidy of Technological Conversion! And since the government(s) have ignored me since 1988 on this, the LORD is exceedingly wroth and demands the sweeping out of secular, satanic, and false religious members of government immediately and all anti-people and anti-environment laws bent on extortion and destruction of the fabric of life to be repealed at once. He is overturning the governments as you know them and has declared this crown their superior. Man's idea of democracy is most apparently seriously flawed, corrupt and evilly designed. One year later, I healed three “incurable” children with terminal illnesses.

Three and one half years after my transfiguration, God gave me The Miracle Crown. I had purchased a bronze medallion with a figure of a knight on horseback in armor carrying a banner. Then the LORD said: “Remove the figure of the knight from the medallion and place upon it the crown Cherylynn has purchased for you.” My wife, Cherylynn, was sent to me when I prayed for God to provide me a wife of his choice. She also had a vision of two of my heavenly crowns while I was being transfigured before witnesses while in receipt of God's new commands. We can give one to her. So I took a butter knife, peeled off the figure of the knight, hung the medallion on the corner of our refrigerator and waited. Five minutes later, Cherie came home with two grocery bags and one little bag which my eyes were immediately fixed on. In it was a circular crown patch she had purchased at a button shop with the intent of sewing it onto one of my suit jackets (which I didn't have). I took the circular crown patch and placed it on the medallion and it fit Exactly snug to its inner beaded border! Then I had a string of events and visions of receiving a white robe, an amethyst scepter, a giant pearl from Michael, and my coming and going from the mountain where God is seated in battle array with his armies and no one raises a single concern about my presence at such a secure location or advises me about anything.

In the final three and one half years completing the “Three Sevens” I was given a multitude of visions describing the LORD Equal powers of the Morning Star Election. Then, at the end of the Three Sevens, I was honored by Kingdom ETs and given a white suit with naru collar and short white cape, a stately cabin aboard a mother ship and a wall length window to the universe. At the council station, I was greeted by exotic beings who look nothing like humans or greys and then I delivered to a council of many species (many human and grey variations along with a wide array of other exotic species) and worlds the Conservation Exchange formula for ending war and deforestation and converting technology to serve all life never to enslave, poison and destroy ever again. After retuning home, I was given the oval sapphire of Christ with a living, shimmering universe inside it and a priestly crown of platinum and white satin ♔
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Aug 19, 2014