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We do not need more sex on EP, god damn you! It's called Experience Project, dumbasses, not Sex Project. If you're looking for a way to hook up with another human then go to dating website or one of those "find a **** buddy near you" things, adult friend finder I think they're called. But don't come onto a site designed for something completely different and then spread a bunch of bullshit and ravage the whole place with perverted idiocy!
BlueMetalChick BlueMetalChick 18-21, F 12 Responses Feb 17, 2013

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I agree. This isn't a sex sight. Mostly guys on here trying to score a date or bang some girl they will never meet. I do engage in sex talk but there are other things to talk about. I am so glad I'm married. Nobody will associate with a person if all they want or talk or think about is sex.

Exactly. Everything is fine in moderation. Talk about sex? Sure, why not? Swap nude photos and constantly dirty chat? **** off. XD

I'm not even all that religious or anything but, Amen dearie! Preach it to the world!

You, miss, need a high five. *high fives*

Oh yeah ! *jump high five*

Wow so how do you really feel?
Just kidding. You are right I think it is ok to have sex talk and such but it seems hard to find anything but that on here laetely. I found the site becuase of some music stories and then it seems to be just sext any more. There needs to be a balance.

Exactly. Like you said, sex talk isn't bad at all. I talk about it too. But there's gotta be a balance, if it's ONLY sex talk then this isn't experience project anymore, it's sex project.

So true.

I am married and i am not looking to date anyone. I am here to find someone who can talk to me and not get embarrased about some sexual topics. Add me plz. Maybe we can talk.

Eh...I don't find much interest in talking about sexual topics. To be honest sex bores me quite a bit, both physically and mentally. I mean I've had sex before and it was kinda fun but it just wasn't all that I expected it to be.

OH WOW! Im sorry... Sex or making love to someone is suppose to be the most pleasurable experience a human can have. I hope you change your mind some day. I guess that means no add. Ttyl

Dude, sex isn't for pleasure. Sex is a bodily function used to create offspring by humans to carry on the species. It just so happens that humans have evolved to include massively overpowered pleasure causing glands, and it makes us want sex for pleasure instead of to procreate. So no, I'm not changing my mind. I, unlike the majority of planet Earth, don't have my head up my own ***.


I rated you up because after reading your story I believe you to be passionate in your stance! On EP, it should be passionate..... But also considerate of those who do not think the same, believe or live by your standards. Acceptance and tolerance is what EP is all about. Sex is only one of the experiences here!

For example, I get involved in Mature Topics a lot because my life has a lot of fun experiences and I like to share with others. Keep in mind, I also get involved in Outdoor Activities, Shooting, Model RailRoading, and a lot of other experiences here on EP. EP was designed for this. If you find something offensive, block it, move on or if you can't quit looking, join us! Thanks

Indeed. See, the troubles I have are for those who come here specifically to abuse mature topics and such, the kind that have no interest in genuine experience but just want others to pleasure them.

You mean like those guys who wear diapers and stuff. Yea I am new here and I am still trying to shut my mouth. It just hangs there . . . wide open . . . and I mumble WTF? O_o??? Hahaha! <br />
edit: I do agree with kenito500 though. AND with your reply!

Yeah sex is there and might have it's place but this site is about meeting other people to help you get through your problems. Also to chat with other with different backgrounds to respect and learn from. Love each other.

See, Sarah, you're smart. There's nothing saying that sex isn't part of EP, after all its experiences and many experiences come out of sex. But it's not meant to be a hookup site, or a "find local people" site which is sadly what it is turning into.

Well have to fight the hood fight then.

Lol :)

Hook-up sites are mostly fake money-making **** places that infect your computer with crud. What I like to do sometimes, is engage in a little naughty banter with a sweet thing who wants to reciprocate and only in a playful way. Sooooo, please don't beat-up on us guys that enjoy a little of the stuff on the borderline of being "perverted".

Eh, I've had to deal with the real and hardcore perverts for long enough to be able to tell them apart from guys like you. The people who post "hi I'm Craig 21/M/USA my Skype is CJenkinsTheMan Skype me plz we can *** together" make me so angry I'm ready to cut their tongue from their head and drown them in a toilet.

Agree. That's what makes the BIG difference between having a little fun and trying to show the world how much of a prev you are.

I like sex. But I also have a mind and a personality, and many many facets to be known for and so does everyone . So that's why I also like ep. Hookup sex sites seem so plastic to me.

I totally agree with this

You speak the truth, good friend :)

I totally agree! I understand that 'sex' is part of experiences...but there's already PLENTY of stories, confessions, groups, etc. dedicated to that already for cripes sake!

The fact that this place seemed to NOT be all about sex is what interested me in the first place.

I am happy that there are people left with some sense in their heads :)

tsk, i understand u, wew. . .

its your right to voice your opinion and so be it.

Hey sorry if I seem overly aggressive in this posting, but I've have to deal with far too many unpleasant people today so excuse me if I use this to vent.