Not Only New Gestures, But A Whole Gesture Restructuring!

My biggest observation about the current EP gestures is that the categories are not always logical. There are two categories - Basic, and Additional ($)

Some of the gestures in the Additional category should be in the Basic category. Gestures like Embrace, Flirt, Pillow Fight, and Sass. Come on, these aren't special in the least! There have been plenty of times when I want to "embrace" a recipient, and I get so frustrated that I cannot perform such a simple gesture.

Of course, the rest of the Additional gestures can stay where they are. There are probably more that can be added to this category, but I will propose another, third category first.

I believe a third category should be Adult ($$). This category would be available at an extra cost.  This would make gesturing a lot more fun and imaginative. There are many obvious nominees which I will mention in list format. Please feel free to nominate your own entries for any of the categories in your comments to this story. My list of Adult gestures includes:

Fingered, Felt-up, Kissed ***, Sucked, Suckled, Stroked, ********, Spread, Fondled, Squeezed, Stimulated, Penetrated, Knelt before, Mounted, Breathed Upon, Grinds, Gave a *****, Spit, Swallowed, Used a Strap-On, Lubricated, ***********, Blindfolded, Came, Squirted, **********, Erupted, Ooozed, Had Wet Dream, Did 69 With, Did Doggy Style With, Mounted, Went Cowgirl Up, Fantasized, Lapped, Petted, Necked, Restrained, Applied Whipped Cream, Oiled Up, also;

Removed: Panties, Briefs, Bra, Shirt, Pants, Socks, Shoes

These lists are by no means exhaustive. Gesturing at EP would be infinitely more fun if they created this adult category. Of course they could not be used with anyone who uses adult filtering, so discretion should be taken who you use these with!

Bring on the Suggestions and let's put this to the powers that be at EP!
ambroseguy80 ambroseguy80
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Now THAT would sure make EP more interesting. LOL

I thought so... lol

Only you would put so much of your time and effort in to this! LOL It's a good idea, and Im sure people would have so much fun with even more gestures. You are right!

And only you would be so damn swift to respond first! Gosh you are super fast! lol's a slow hour. Im watching your every move right now! :)

LMAO! I was going to say... you must be constantly refreshing and watching that feed! ;-)

Well, I am constantly reading new stories, so yes, the page gets refreshed often...

Anything else getting refreshed often that we should know about? ;-)

Huh? How did you get there? LOL No...not often enough.

LMAO was just joking! ;-)

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