I Noticed that Kiss is not even on the gesture board

So might as well throw out the idea of

French Kiss

and to be silly

French Fry

French Bread

OK now I'm hungry

And since they have salsa and lambada how about the can can


dasmuggler dasmuggler
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19 Responses Feb 12, 2009

nothing like safe sex LMAO

"I Poo Tom Cruise"

"I cardboard poo"

"Sling some ****"? I hardly think that would be appropriate ;)

Has anyone mentioned "I Throw Poo At You"??

I "box" you? That brings up violent stuff if you translate it into Afrikaans. "Ek boks jou"

"I cardboard you"

That is ****** funny!!!

LOL much better<br />
<br />
But then we need to have "picking asphalt out of our butt"

Intercourse is any interaction between people. This is a form of intercourse right here. I guess that makes you my intercourse buddy.

Maybe that's what they really mean by the "Ditch"ing gesture! I been caught in a ditch a time or two with my pants down! Coarse... I was peeing, and it was on gravel road.

If you can get EP to go for that one I wish you lots of luck ha ha

How about intercourse? That seems safe enough.

there is a visual...

I think someone did already I doubt they listen anymore

yes why dont you reccomend this?

I had a few more french ideas but when I saw the a plain ole kiss was missing I was far more shocked

And LICKS to go with kisses. Or Doggie Kisses. Or butterfly Kisses. Or.... HErshey's Kisses! :O

well then we might as well have nachos