Ode To Faery

Dancing in the moonlight
Faery is so lithe and bright,
Dancing in the darkened forests,
She is quite a sight!

Skipping among the ferns,
Full of love and delight
There comes the Faery dancer
Forest creatures pause in flight!

Kissing all the sleepy flowers
Pausing on the fallen trees
Frolicking through flowered meadows
Resting neath toadstools on her knees.

Dancing until dawn comes
Then Faery homeward goes;
Wind on Faery's wings now,
Moondust upon her nose.....

As the sun caresses the sleepy earth
Warming all the dewey ground,
See the tracks of Faery's cavortings
Faery dust sprinkled all around!

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2 Responses Jan 24, 2013

Your crew admires our beautiful fairy dancer

Wonder if we could share her faery dust and have a glimpse of this magical place.xx