This Is a Great Club to Be a Part of

You know, sometimes I can be a real ***** from hell!  My PMS days are gone but the perimenopausal days are here and man, they are a ***** in themelves.  My husband used to ask me to go in the room and relax. He used to joke and say he should cast a Hershey's bar into the room for me with a fishing pole. Most thing roll right off my back but sometimes I just want to chew something up and spit it out. So, here I am in the Bitchy Club. Hopefully I can do my bitching here instead of taking it out washing the kitchen counters again............... If they'd just clean up their ******* crumbs, I'd be alright. LOL

JojoWazoo JojoWazoo
46-50, F
Mar 20, 2009