The Actual Flowers

I think we need to stop! and smell the flowers in our lives, more often.

The actual flowers.  The ones right there in your room.  Out your window.  In your neighborhood.  At your church or school or work or important place of spending quality time.

By actual, I mean the real blessings in your life.  Perhaps the people you live with.  Your cat or dog.  Even your garden.  The people on your street, in your car with you, the ones who you go to in this world for what you really need. 

Be present with them.  Make them the most important thing in this moment you are spending with them.

If you are alone, be present with the moment itself, with the silence, with the presence that is always there.  This is the most precious thing.

Inhale deeply.  The flowers are gifts, to be enjoyed, to be fully experienced and acknowledged.

Then smile.
Dee67 Dee67
41-45, F
5 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Yes, and it's so easy to forget! isn't it? Thanks for your comment, unshakable, which is a reminder for me :)

Its so true and important.Sad to see many don't do it.We are so blessed.

Thanks, robbo! Glad you stopped by :)

In this busy life, it's so easy to forget what is so important to us. This is a great story, we could all do with a gentle reminder not to take who and what is special for granted. Thanks for sharing and you're right, it's nice to bump into each other again!

Perfect, destry. Absolutely perfect. :)