And How Would We Dress For Christmas?

The first thing that went through my mind when I read the title of this group was the line from the Christmas song "Deck the Halls" which says, "don we now our gay apparel..." My mind goes there because as a life long cross dresser, that is the way I interpret that song line.

Now I am not suggesting that a man wearing female attire is gay, I know better because I am a straight M to F cross dresser. Still Christmas means shopping and you can shop for anything. So starting right after Thanksgiving I am spend inordinate amounts of time shopping which allows me to examine anything and everything femininie. I can buy anything and act as if it is for my wife, though most clerks seem not to care what you are buying.

So as the season grows I deliberately wear some new items of female lingerie the Monday of each week leading up to Christmas, and I always have at least one "personal gift" saved up in our bedroom for when Christmas is over. Usually this is a set of nightgowns so that we go to sleep similarly dressed. I work to find a set where one gown is pink or at least more feminine. That one is for me. If there is a gown in blue, she gets that. The first time she discovered pink for me and blue for her, she just shiled, shook her head and pulled on her gown.

Holidays are meant to be special, a special time to share with others. So however you read the title of this group, enjoy.

Kate Sands [aka Girdlekate]

girdledkate girdledkate
Jul 28, 2010