Naked In Arizona

I live in Arizona, one can go naked most of the year here if you like.
oldjack5 oldjack5
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3 Responses Jan 29, 2011

"Go naked most of the year here if you like" What about your neighbours?!

I live in a snow bird community so alot of my neighbors are gone to a cooler clime during the summer and I have a reasonably private patio. I've only had 1 person, that I know of see me naked on the patio and she joins me from time to time for a adult beverage.

Love the idea Jack...wish I lived somewhere like that. Think maybe Arizona is a little too much for me. You get some pretty vicious temps in the summer. Are you living in the desert or near one of the cities....being out away from it all seems like a great place to be naked and natural...all the best....and stay naked Jack!

I live in Scottsdale, a suburb of Phoenix, yes it's hot here in the summer months, all the more reason to take my clothes off when I get home. It's also nice here in January, no snow up to your ***.

me too, and i luv to get outside and jack off. how about u?

I've done that on the beach!!