What's up with all the neck bitting? damn!

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For reals!

Exactly. =]

Well awesome then!

A ******* awesome show.

What is Glee?

I like Glee, Modern Family, Biggest Loser, If You Really Knew Me, Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Glee, So You Think You Can Dance, Glee, America's Got talent... Oh, and Glee, of course. Can't forget that.

I know you arent.

I'm not into those types of shows.

The ultimate fighter.

Which show?

yeah? I was watching the new season of my show today.

I watch plenty of tv shows. :P

I dont really watch many shows anymore to be honest.

Ah, well, my boyfriend really likes it too, so he's hesitant to watch the movie they made.

yeah i dunno never seen it heh..

Yeah, I watched it with my sister and my nephew. :] I got him into watching avatar one day when he was like 3, so now he really likes the show.

I guess it sounds like giving it a watch at least.

The acting wasn't great, I'll admit, and I hated how they pronounced the names. And I wish the characters would have looked more like the series, but that's about it.

I never seen the show but they both have, and thought the movie ruined it so I dunno. They said the acting sucked as well and stuff.

It wasn't too bad. It wasn't exactly like the cartoon series, but it didn't bother me much. I just enjoyed it for what it was, and didn't try and compare it to the show.

didn't see that movie either.. My friends complained and said how bad that movie was as well so i didn't have anyone to go with.

Oh, his name is Jasper in the book, but his real name is Jackson Rathbone. He played Sokka in The Last Airbender movie. :]

I have no idea who you are talking about but its all good lol..

:P Yeah, it is. Plus, he was a very southern-gentlemanly sheriff. So, yeah, I liked him. He didn't look so weird like he did in the other two.

lol that is just like you..

Yeah, his other brother was just plain sexy in that last movie they made. For some reason, they made him look so much better than before. *shrugs* I think it was because of how his character was portrayed, just very... in charge.

yeah I dunno.. They still arent very scary to me though.

Heh, I don't really care for him. But he's supposed to be slim, his "brother" is a more athletic build.

yes well.. what about the vampire dude? he was pretty small.

Hehe, when they're wolves, they're not very small. :P

yes well anyway they still look very small.

Hahahaha. Seriously? Really..... they both can influence the other.

What does small and sexiness have to do with each other?

Oh, no, Jacob isn't very small. He's quite the sexiness.

yeah I really wouldn't know to be honest. They looked pretty small in the previews to be dangerous creatures though.

Yeah, the first two weren't so great, but the third one was much better. I still find the main character to be a bit pathetic and not all there in the head.

yeah I know what it is I just heard the movie was really bad that my friends couldn't actually watch it so I just never been.

It's a book series which has been made into movies. So, yeah, I've read them, but not seen them all.

I never seen it.

But I like Twilight too!

yeah I know you like it heh.

I like neck biting, but not because of twilight.

Never seen the twilight movies.

I guess it depends how hard you get bit..

No matter what the result is, it's gonn'a hurt like hell!