Renouncing Our Greedy Airline Companies

      I have heard a lot recently about our airline services offered by the various airlines doing business here in the United States.
      The airlines have gotten greedy, while cutting flights, laying off skilled pilots and others, paying themselves overly exorbant salaries.
Now they want to charge for loaded baggage and carry-on baggage and are pricing it per bag.  This is another way for them to gouge the public out of their money.
      The only way we as consumers have to combat this is to boycott all of these companies.    While it is true this would cause additional cuts in service and layoffs, but it would be worth it.  My brother just drove from Boise, Idaho to Ohio,   His total cost were just over $600.00.  This included his meals, gas, and 1 night in a motel.  He had his 16 year old daughter with him.   If he had to pay for himself and his daughter for a round trip ticket each it would have been for over 700 dollars,  plus add the fees for luggage (3 suitcases @ $50 each), plus the carry-on luggage at $35 each (2),  his cost would have been over $1,000 if you include the meals the airlines now charge for plus any other ameninities they now charge for (blankets, pillows, etc).
      Since most people don't travel over 750 miles for vacations or visits with friends or family, it is cheaper to drive.  Based on $2.80 a gallon for gas and the average miles per gallon (20) it would have only cost  approxiamately $152.00, plus the cost of food (2 meals) $40.00 it would be substantially less then what the airlines charge.   Also if you went by bus (greyhound) the cost are lower then the national airlines.
       While it is true the flights are faster then driving, you tend to miss out on meeting new people, experiencing new foods or viewing out natural beauties of our country.  I now would never again consider flying anywhere in this country.  I think that if more people would begin to say NO instead of backing down to these corporations, maybe they would wake-up.   Believe me they need a wake up call, just like the automobile industry recently recieved.  If they go out of business, so what.  They wouldn't have failed if they really considered their consumers rather then their pocketbooks.  They are charging fees for everything, what's next $10.00 a block for toilet paper,  $40.00 for a toothpick. who knows.  Like the banks charging for doing business with a live customer represenative (some banks are charging for talking to a live teller).  
       We need to draw the line in the sand somewhere.   It is now that time, to say we are not going to put up with it anymore.  BOYCOTT them, it is the only thing they understand  THEIR BOTTOM LINE.
bobbie13 bobbie13
56-60, T
Aug 1, 2010