Just Imagine It!

If we had a bring your spouse to EP day, all of the little surprises that would happen! I have had thoughts wondering if my spouse would ever be a member to a site like EP...I think not, but I guess one really doesn't know for sure unless you ask and look.
I have often wondered about running into him here and what would happen! LOL It wouldn't be good that's for sure. He would flip out. As I often scroll through my experience groups I have often thought, my husband really doesn't know me! He would never know many things about me like how I have laid them out here. You just don't get into it as a couple, especially if you are having problems any way.
I think about what groups he would join and what exactly if anything we would have in common. Just a funny thought. :)
soulrunher soulrunher
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My wife and my girlfriend are both on here.

LOL..interesting Riley! :)

My h knows im on EP. He also knows about the groups ive joined and i have even shared some things about a few my friends. Ive given him permission to snoop my stuff but he never does. What i have read , learned , and advice taken from friends here has saved my marriage and my sanity. H is even happier!

Thats great. Thanks for commenting.

My partner reads my stories all the time, infact I often ask her to read and let me know if what I have written is funny or just plain weird and out there.

My Husband has seen many of my posts, and didn't have a problem with them. Don't know if he has taken the time to look any deeper on his own .
I haven't said anything about him that he doesn't already know , so i guess i have little to worry about.
I guess, anyone whose spouse is still in denial, about their role in the cause of the issue that is being discussed, would not take kindly to being faced with the painful information here.
Finding out that there are many others here ,who would happily "back up " what YOU are trying to make your spouse understand is a little too scary.All of a sudden they have to face what they would rather avoid.
My husband has joked about joining and me not knowing that it was him........think i would , well ,hope i would?

Yes, do you really think we could figure out it was our spouse? I think it mouth be harder than one might think. :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

I would be in such deep s**t! I don' t even want to think about what would happen. He is currently about 10 ft. away, so I better go now.

Ohhh yeahhh! Realllllly funnny, soul!!! I think the first thing we all would do is get automatic membership in I/My Spouse Am/Is Seeking a Divorce, and Marriage Counseling experience groups! ;-)