My Husband Is Considering Joining The EProject!.

I hide nothing. I enjoy the friendship the site offers and nicely avoid unwanted sexual advances. The other day he discovered Experience Project in full view and he thought nothing of sitting down and reading my stories and comments to others. He is now considering becoming a member himself. He never considered that he would enjoy a site of this nature but has had a change of heart. I am looking forward to his joining.
I think his seeing another couple enjoying their time here opened his own eyes to new and maybe creative notions on spicing up our own time a bit. We are both retired now and while we are quite active and enjoy our lives, opening a new avenue could enhance what we already enjoy.
justjessy justjessy
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5 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I am still trying to convince him. He is a darling man but a tab obstinate at times. I will continue to encourage him. Thank you all for your kind sentiments.

That is great look forward to seeing him on EP and getting to know you both

I look forward to meeting him as well once he arrives.

I'm still waiting for him to show up!! I bet he's a doll just like you too!! :)

Right now I have the dear man held captive with helping me clean and now painting our attic. Once he has some free time he will join. I think you and he will get on famously. He isn't the charmer your K is but he is a fine man.

very true jessy . . . hope that he does . . . I think you both would have alot of fun . . . thank you for sharing . . . hope he does too . . . hahahaha . . . very cool . . . 8D

We have been so busy cleaning our attic the poor man has had no time to join anything! He claims I am making his retirement far more hectic then his previous job. I am hoping that once the chores and organizing tasks are done he will settle in and join. Thank you for leaving such a lovely reply.