At Least With A Few

With the hope that they take this in the spirit intended, I have a few EP friends with whom I would love to party naked. Although, at my age, "party" means nude wine and cheese more than a blowout.
HStoner HStoner
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6 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Cheese wine, jokes and intelligent conversation - sounds great!

One question...... Is it warm where this part will be hosted?

We'd need to find someone else to host. December in Ohio is not noted for warm weather.

Sounds like the best party idea I've heard in ages! I'll bring a couple of bottles of Merlot and some cashews!

You will be warmly welcomed.

thank you hon ((hugs))

I TOTALLY show up and even help passing around the nibbles and booze!! :D

It would be great to get together is we were in the same area.

sounds wonderful to me!!

Be careful with the brie.

Bare people, good wine, intelligent talk....