Let's Just Drug Test Everybody For Everything

Let's drug test farmers who get subsidies, CEOs who get tax breaks, and congressmen before they are sworn in. Let's drug test babies before we give them health care, and homeless people before we give them a sandwich.

And let's test for alcohol, prescription drugs, and pre-existing conditions while we're at it. Kick all the sick and addicted people to the curb and just step over them. We're good citizens!
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

sacastic but drugs are a real problem

i take it there's some sarcasim in there and i agree with it if only because there can be faulse positives, people forget a percription drug they take there can be lab mix ups and technition screw ups that derail lives <br />
<br />
and i am sick of people simultaniously bitching about their tax dollars going to drug addicts drug treatment then bitching about crime when they are contributing to crime when they try to convince others no more tax dollars should go to the former <br />
<br />
especially when they have no solution about what to do with additcts