Eckhart Tolle

i am watching a pbs broadcast on Eckhart tolle and it is excellent. the power of now. experience now.if you can try to listen to him. it is amazing.!put attention on the present moment. use mantra of : can i leave a space for this?be aligned with life which is"  now." be friendly with the now of life. open yourself to what is,put attention on the now. surrender to what is in this moment. accept the "isness" of Now. you become the space for what is. fascinating to listen to him.

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yes read his books they are probably at the library.

i have the power of now and a new earth i really enjpyed the special i wish i would have taped it. i have memory issues so i can only remember so much at a time.

mm, i read a little about him last year, and i really like what i read. which two of his books do you have? <br />
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i thinking living in the present is its own way of keeping the future. ^^

yah just listening to him made me relaxed. i have 2 of his books, i like gary zukac and wayne dyer they are my favorite authors. big hugs back

Thank you for sharing this Charlee17. He is definitely an interesting person.<br />
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Thank you for being my friend.<br />
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Big Hugs to you.