I had been smoking cannabis for about 3 months when one day I noticed a cold metallic taste in my mouth. I thought at first it was just the smoke residue leaving an odd taste. However, the taste would come and go, seemingly randomly, regardless of whether I smoked up that day or not. I began to get other symptoms as well, back pain, swelling of the feet, purpura, and the feeling of "nerve pain," among other things. Of course, the internet is a hypochondriac's worst nightmare, and I quickly diagnosed myself with a "probable case" of Leukemia. The blood tests came back alarmingly normal.

A few weeks later, I was still experiencing all of the symptoms, even though I wasn't smoking anymore. I thought I'd humor a diabetes diagnosis, since that was the one thing the blood work didn't test for. I ordered a cheap glucose meter and with my 10 free test strips I was able to find a correlation between low blood sugar and the metallic taste in my mouth. My blood sugar never got higher than normal, and I think[?] that rules out diabetes. From what evidence I've collected, I believe I have frequent low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), but I think it is probably normal as I am a new convert to the Bulletproof diet, and low carb diets are often associated with low glucose levels at first.

Since that one time I smoked weed and got the metallic sensation, I seem to now have a hyper sensitive awareness of the condition of my body. I notice every little detail about how every food affects each body part. It's a super power, and it's really fracking annoying.

So, maybe weed caused my condition/set of symptoms, made me hyper aware of my body, or maybe some other physiological change happened which was completely unrelated to my substance use.

Maybe someone else has a similar story, or an idea of what could be happening.
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Wow thats actually strange. Hasn't happen to me but wow i would like to know how that feels