Alive Peacefully

Started a blog about living at peace with percieved injustice.  and this group sort of answers that questions.  I have a faith that the jerks will get theirs in the end and I don't have to be the agent of change.  Let go and let the universe deal with it.   Peace  fien d

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6 Responses Mar 9, 2009

What if they don't get their till death . Will it not be as if they never got theirs . For then we all receive the same .

Hear, hear!

That's a good way to live.<br />
Let the Lone Ranger deal with righting all wrongs.<br />
But... not all evil doers are punished.<br />
Life isn't fair.... (he said rather sadly).<br />
However life IS good ... so keep on trucking!

It's simply elegant,<br />
don't you think Myo?

Right in the keester!

The jerks will get theirs...<br />
I think you might be right.