Is far more love than, sadly, many other women will ever be shown by a man so Mamas not complaining this end, when a pains so great iv found it can often become numb and so is true for nows circumstance and so will only push me to me. We all get exactly what we deserve and I know I'm getting what i need. I trust in your words and forever honour you as long as you touch me so deeply. Our
peace is now. I love every moment with you, every moment is sacred to me, i am me because of you, i'd gladly surrender over and over, there's nothing bar my sons i wouldn't give up to reach you. My man. The only one.
CraftyKitty CraftyKitty
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 19, 2014

Beautiful words

Thank you sweety <3

A reflection of true love so few follow. I wish I knew her. I've had to settle for far less. Just wish I hadn't. I gave my all and am in too deep. I'm drowning and I can't swim. She's taken all my strength and I can't let go.