White Wives Going Black

I think all white husbands should encourage their wives to experience sex with a black man. I find interracial sex incredibly sexy and I'm sure all persons involved in this sexual adventure would benefit from it.
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12 Responses Jan 25, 2012

Most rewarding experience there is.

I agree. would love to see black in white wife

You are so right. My wife was so sexually frustrated until she had her first black man. Now she is totally satisfied and I am a lot happier.

Well said..may those thoughts endure and spread...w i d e

Wats up dog I want my wife to feel how big black guys **** are u think u can talk her into spreading her legs?

How do you feel when you meet with a man that he had ****** your wife

Did she enjoy

has your beautiful wife tried that

My Wife Did.

her 1st was at an **** we attended. There was one Black male there. She had sex with every guy that night when another girl asked my wife if she had tried the Black man yet. She said no and took a few min to catch her wind then she walked over grabbed his hand and escorted him to an unoccupied bed laid him down, wrapped her mouth around his huge **** and began to Hummmm. Soon she was reverse cowboy and he was screaming out in a Grunting sound until he shot his load in her. They kept going around the room until they saw each other was alone then they would run to an open spot and he would **** her over and over and over that night. She had a Huge Smile that night. She returned the next month only to hear that he was from out of state and was no longer there... She found another, three in all that were regular weekly partners and of course she had most of their friends as well as time went on. But those are other stories...

She has had Soooo much Black *** left inside of her I'm surprised her DNA is still the same? She never swallowed a Black mans ***, It was always placed and pushed as deep as his **** would go then deposited there! She made a point of holding them as tight as she could get her arms and legs wrapped around them. I'll bet she has kept over 10-gallons of Black mens *** in her body over the years that she kept her bulls and their friends. (Lil-*****) LMFAO

Love the clor contrast and how their meat makes a white wife succumb and become addicted

My wife loves the contrast, the attention her lovers give her, they way they take charge and always make sure she is well taken care of...plus the contrast and perceived naughtiness makes it all the hotter...

My Italian ex-fiance couldn't take her eyes of this hunky black guy from Ghana when they first met and it turned me on to see her feeling such a strong desire to experience interracial lovin' with him. She got real excited in his presence and it was inevitable that they hit it off and go all the way. He was my co-worker, and one night I implored him to get on the dance floor with my woman and to show her his moves...once they started dancing together, holding each other close, grinding their bodies as they moved to the beat of the music, my ex-fiance got totally aroused,he made her feel so hot and wild, and she couldn't wait to get naked with him and make passionate love! I watched them do it and it was hotter than I imagined!

Fantastic...I used to watch, but wife is more comfortable and can let lose of her feelings better if I am not there..she still tells me all about it and I ususally have the video set up for her..thanks for the comment..my wife told me she only wants dark skin from now on..except for me..

Just the fact that she is really into it, passionate and enthusiastic and would rather do it without you there watching, so that she can let loose of her feelings,tells you that the sex is immensely pleasurable for her. Like so many hot white wives, she loves to taste and feel that fine, dark chocolate skin...

I must say I'm not quite sure what the big 'adventure' is. I've been with guys of other races and my kids are bi-racial. I've never thought of it as being different than being with someone of my own race. *shrugs*

My wife (says that she) has no interest. She has limited sex drive and is very conservative. I'd love to have her try black once and see if she can stop at one.