Women Directors/managers

I have worked with women in control and power. It gives business another perspective as they bring ideas that are alien to men.

The office environment changes when you have women in control. From the way the office is presented with that feminine touch to decision making that is more considerate.

I would not consider my mother to have been a weak person. They are astute and very good at managing.

It is feminine to show emotion. That does not mean to say that it is a sign of weakness. Women admit their faults whereas men tend not to as it is seen as a sign of weakness. Admission is a sign of strength.
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Yes I agree.I see so many woman on this site and its mostly the younger ones who seem to be very much in control of themselves and know exactly what the want.
I love them all.
Woman also confide in one another totally where us men hide from one another.
I have had a few woman bosses and I got on brilliantly with all of them.
And I am a man 100%
I woul rather have some attractive female telling me what to do than some arrogant man.
A nice Question.

Women have different way of asking us to get things done. Men are less thankful or appreciative too

Less attractive women? It does not matter. They do have a wonderful way of dealing with guys.