Weakenest? I Think Not

ok i had to make one story about this.

women suffer more than men.
true or false?
i say true.

let me state some ideas

well first when a woman gets pregnant they surpass a great amount of pain at times. sometimes more pain than you are expected to obtain in a whole life time.

there is a higher chance of a woman getting rapped or sexually abused. this must be somewhat clear.

sexism. yes maybe there is a low percentage of that happenening these days but trust me.. it is still going on.

there are many more different arguments on this that i could debate over. i am here to state my opinion and here it is. i get so frustrated when men tell me that women are weak. i just want to slap them in the face, sit them down, and tell them all the things that prove them wrong.

thank you
UnusualAngel UnusualAngel
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

I think it could go either way. Men do seem to have it easier, but SEEM is the key word. Men are also better at hiding their emotions than women so it'd be harder for us to see. I mean, sure we have it hard, very hard if you ask me. Women are belittled, we're taken advantage of, and we're even paid less because we are women. But I honestly believe that it only seems that we have it harder because we actually make a fuss about it. There are certain things we don't have to say anything about, and yet we do. Take pregnancy for example, yes women have to carry and deliver the child (or children), but imagine what the man has to go through if he stays with her. Imagine all those hours of "Honey can you get me candy?" and then suddenly getting a call on the way back from the store saying "I don't want candy anymore, get me a sandwich from Subway.". Imagine everything they have to go through to keep us happy because if they don't, they're considered the a s s hole. They're considered as less of a man because they couldn't keep a woman happy. And when the child or children are being born, who has to hold her hand while she kills it and is screaming at him that it's all his fault, that she hates him, while the entire time he did everything to help her through it and is still doing it at that moment. So yes, women have it hard, but if you take a closer look, men have it just as hard as well.

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