My Wife's Horizons Are Open

Now that my wife has embraced the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle she has become a very sexual person again and loves it. She wears sexy stuff, she's dyed her hair with red highlights, bought boots with high heels (which I paid for!)... and she's become flirtatious as she used to be when I met her, only with other men.

Now with her friends they've agreed to go clubbing one of these days and she's already said she would make herself look flamboyant to go out: mini body-tight dress, devilish hair, lipstick, make-up, red varnish on her finger nails and her toe nails... and when I asked if she would leave her rings at home and wear an anklet instead she immediately responded "oh I will", knowing full well the symbolical meaning of wearing an anklet.

She also said she can't wait to throw herself on the dance floor and flirt heavily with guys, let them put their hands on her hips as they dance together, giving them the occasional peck on the mouth... and when I asked her what she'd do if one she likes asks her to "go out to get some fresh air" she replied... "well, we'll just let whatever needs to happen, happen!"... what a turn-on!

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