She Is Wonderful :)

I knew her before I am a part in her circle, I've followed her stories sometimes. From what she has contributed here you can see she is a caring, kindhearted person, a wonderful mother, a wonderful wife and a wonderful friend. She has great sense of humour, very intelligent and always has creative ideas. She always make me laugh everytime I read her comments or stories.  And I've learnt a lot from this amazing woman. Thanks for being my friend WG.


P/S Congratulation on the mice's harvest, then again you make me laugh when I read your status :)

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4 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Yes she is amazing, Deltagirl. Sweet and thoughtful. The kind of lady with no ifs and no buts. Can't have her any other way...we love you, WG!!! :)

Amen to all of this! (Except when WG made a certain suggestion on my flirting story. That wasn't nice, but I suppose I opened myself up to it by carelessly using the word naked.) Sorry to get side tracked. Yes, deltagirl, I am very impressed with WG as a person and and grateful to know her.

Deep down I'm sure the kids would agree. <br />
<br />
Always lovely to see others confirming my good taste in people... ;-)

Awww, you guys don't make it hard to be a nice person. I'm sure my kids wouldn't agree with you!