Winter does depress me as I have SAD, seasonal affective disorder.
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1 Response Sep 13, 2011

It is truly a traumatic event that almost took me out. I was born and raised in Southern California. In my mid 20's moved to Salinas, Ca. to work in the lettuce business. For 23 years I lived in Salinas from April to October and in Yuma, AZ from October to April. At one point 5 years had gone by and I never experienced a rain storm? I lived in the summer time, 12 months a year. Then I moved to Sacramento to open my own business, but the first winter in Sacramento almost drove me insane. I was "out of it" I felt alone on an island, lost in a fog, no concentration, cried for no reason, wondered why I was living, nothing mattered, nothing made sense, nothing helped, no one understood, was accused of being on drugs, wished I was on drugs, I entertained thoughts of slipping out of reality, losing it, so this is how it is when you go crazy, not someone else, ME. I discovered SAD via the internet and I believe it saved my life. I did as I read what other do to combat this, and slowly made my way back to reality. The unknown, when it affects your everything, is a real scary place you do not want to be.