Experience Is Just As Good From The Outside As It Is From Inside

You can live it, you can see it. But being on the outside, is just as well as experiencing it for yourself. You learn. We're here to live, we're here to learn. To make mistakes, and to keep on trying. To help others as we can along the way.
LylaRocks LylaRocks
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1 Response Aug 6, 2010

Being on the outside teaches us what lies on the inside; I agree with you. It's true ... we don't have to experience the issue to understand it. With understanding comes knowledge and in knowing comes sympathy when we know it is needed. But that can never put us in the same place as the person who felt the hurt, embraced the joy or felt totally alone. It's here where understanding more than knowledge comes into play; it's also here where we should all consider our own Blessings when looking from the outside in and should we suffer, then we should never compare out hurt to anyone else's<br />
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts here; it's food for thought :-)<br />
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