When you say "I think all women are beautiful", you mostly just get an ignorant reply. And yes, if you take that sentence word for word, it's of course not true, cause there are always people you dislike for some reason. But that's not the point you want to make. basically you want to say, "i don't care if a woman is thin or chubby, it doesn't matter if she's black or white, she can also have any haircolor she likes - point is, if the girl is great all in all, she looks beautiful to me".
That also includes the "small boobs vs. big boobs" discussion. Small boobs can look as great as big boobs, if they fit the woman. Same with *****. But it doesn't make a woman less good, if she doesn't have the shape of a supermodel.

Another thing is, when you say "i like all women", you mostly get a reply like "you don't respect women, you just **** with any women you can get". That's also missing the point. It just means, i don't judge women before i know them and getting known each other, doesn't need to have anything to do with sex.

So to all the women out there - stay like you are, you're beautiful.
baben30 baben30
41-45, M
Aug 16, 2014