In my opinion, they're the most beautiful thing placed on this earth. They are beautiful and perfect in every way. As inappropriate as it might sound, I can think of nothing more beautiful than the naked female figure. Just...nothing compares to it. Women and girls out there, you are ******* gorgeous.
GreenManley GreenManley
22-25, M
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Awww so sweet!!

Meant it. ;)

Thank u!!


I think girls are only beautiful if their personality is. Same with guys. (:

Same here. But women and especially girls themselves, are perfect in every physical way. Perfect. ;)

Yes absolutely. I also love to see them Naked. I love their ******* too.

Dude. Not the ******* point. I'm sure there's a perverted version of this groups somewhere else. Seriously, no disrespect, but **** off. And have a nice day. :)πŸ˜’

Haha amen to that!^


You're awesome

Wow, thanks, girl! ;)

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Wow, can you stop being perfect?


I'm serious. You're like one of those guys I read about in books, and see in fairytale movies.. 😱☺️

Tell that to EVERY SINGLE girl I've ever known...

Well, those girls and poopy and don't deserve you. You'll find the right one, okay?😚

Thanks, S. Hope you're right.

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Awe that's so sweet 😊😘

It's true. πŸ˜‰