Yes, I am a girl and I think women are beautiful.
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every woman is beautiful in their own way

Please add me so we can chat

Yea they are, but some beautiful women are ugly from inside

30 years older than you and I still think women are beautiful- don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)

What are you talking about?

I ha e lots of queations and stories about women in my profile i thi k you will enjoy. Would ypu please check them out?

Don't have time.

Why not??

I am busy. I have a life outside EP.

Doing what?

Private things. Studying. Writing.

Omg. Your not old enough to have privet things to do.

Private things DOESN'T mean SEX.

Your correct. I was not thi ong sex till you typed it. Get your mind out of the gutter.

And you better wake up and start realizing what I mean.

You only 13-15years old. How busy can you be???

Not every 15 years old watches movies every day. Some have dreams and work on them.

Who said anything about movies??

You're not getting my point. I am saying that not every teenager likes to live a careless live. Some have dreams and work on achieving them. Hard.

What sreams do you have?


I wanna be a writer. That's all you need to know.

Thanks for bei g rude miss writer girl.

I don't care for what you think of me, because you don't know me.

Good thing then that i did not tell you what i think of you.

Even if you had said it my opinion would still be the same.

Thats why i am glad i had not said it.

Do and think whatever you want.

I have and i will.

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Can't say you are a girl I'd probably say your a woman and I have to agree all women are beautiful

Women are different than girls. But I agree that all women are beautiful.

She is a girl untill she turns 18.