I am so short. I am 5 feet tall flat (like you dont know by now).
Anyhow all my life I have been the shortest one which I don't really care it's just funny how I'm always mistaken for being really young like I have it bad enough where people think I'm 14 years old lmao. I'm not. I'm 20. But the average I get is 15. I'm 20 again. I guess this will benefit me in future. Like the other day I went out to eat with my mom and dad and my mom got carded because she looked like a teenager lol. It's crazy.
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8 Responses Apr 30, 2015

Very beautiful lady

short is good. :)


That smile! :)

Your so beautiful:) and such pretty eyed!! Nothing wrong with being shirt or looking younger lol:)

I adore short women. I think they are so attractive.

You look stunning

There is nothing wrong with being 5 feet and young looking! It will do you VERY good for years to come and it sounds like for a very long time if people think your mom looks like a teen!