Lol how many likes can my duck face I want 70 likes
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Is it necessary to ask people to judge your look depending the amount of hearts? Srs?

Those who seek attention. -_-

U know there instragram? Great place for u. Btw this site isnt for those who wants to get heart to rate their 'duck' look.

hey who ever says that she needs to grow up and who ever is saying that she needs to go back to instagram **** off. she can do what ever she wants to do she doesn't need to do what you guys want her to do she can do what ever the **** she wants.

mo problem

no problem

beautiful and gorgeous :)

Good as far as duckfaces go.

Pathetic and needy

Case. And. Point.

Grow up loser!

Steal my man!? ***** plz! Idk where you find guys but I'm guessing it's on Sesame St.!

Ohhhh burn!

Do us all a favor and put those ugly "duck lips" on another nasty ****... What would that make? 5,438 bjs this year?
**** off you attention seeking *****!

Here's a deal, I promise to go on a diet if you promise to jump in front of a bus!

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You need to act more like your age and not a silly high school students trying to fit in with the "cool" kids

Cute :)


Go back to Instagram.

I know right

Haha well here's a like for ya