Oh no. A man told me I need to lose weight. I must cry and diet immediately. Boo. *******. Hoo.

LOL my favorite ******* thing is when you pieces of **** have no argument, and no leg to stand on, so you call a woman fat. That's precious, honey.
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Unless he was talking about your chest which is stupid but I don't think your overweight at all

I don't believe anyone called you fat or said you need to lose weight. Fishing for compliments is what you are doing. This is some typical **** you see on here. But yes you are beautiful.

Funny enough on an question I posted yesterday someone said, in an argument because he had none, "lose some weight and then talk to me, *****"

I don't need to fish for compliments. I get them without going fishing :)

Don't know what the ******* he's talking about because that is An amazing woman.

Very hot nice ****!

That man that told you that you need to lose weight, needs his head examined. From what I can see from your picture you look great!

Why lose weigh, you look beautiful just the way you are

You look great to me

U have a nice rack too lmfao

i like fat girls

People are always jerks

Wowsers you look amazing!!

He was arguing with you and was losing so he called you fat?
Wow, what an *******.
Did you at least retort with a small **** joke?

Wow... That's a nice rack lol... I'm a teeny boob club. I'm not trying to pick you up. Just had to say

Sorry you have to deal with disrespectful idiots like this, but it sounds like they don't faze you at all. I'm glad you can see their lame bullshit for what it is.

I love big girls ... bring it on ! way better than skinny ones

I'm sorry, but that's not true. All body types are beautiful. Your preference doesn't invalidate the value of the other body types...

I didn't I don't like them or that they weren't pretty , just that I prefer a women with a little more from my experience most are just better in bed ...I think all women are pretty

Your username is hilarious. Your face is pretty. Your body is enticing. You clearly have a functioning brain equipped with healthy doses of sarcasm. Continue to do you, young lady.

Thank you very much!