I love the way girls look they are so sexy. I loved kissing girls. they are gentle yet passion but I never needed that anymore I had my fiance he was enough. and he still is but he said I could get a girlfriend. she would be with him too but mostly mine. but how would I find a girl I find sexy and that thinks it's okay to be with a couple.
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It is a good place to start - to ask the question here. FetLife.com may be a bit overwhelming at first. ********** can be very sweet... And good for the soul.

It is an open mind girls who can share you with your man or who is bi as well. You can ask around and see if can find whoever catch your eyes and make you and your man enjoy all of each others.

You just described me lol, well I'm pan sexual which would be fine too. but that is hard to find I don't even know where to start.

I've a friend on my friend list who is a pan sexual as well. I think that you will find her story as she is in same range of your age as well. It is her profile link as check her and may be will get along girls :)